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ProteamSA offers you the most authentic experiences, from Langa township, to Robben Island, and everything in between! Find out how the REAL Cape Town comes alive when you are guided by the right local.

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Hi, my name is Lizo Mgobozi. I go by the name of MC. My family have lived in Langa since 1929. I still live here, and am passionate about the place.

So from me, you will get a truly  authentic experience. You’ll learn about the history of Langa, the social life, and how we live now, in a post Mandela South Africa. There is, a long way still to go. But you’ll see the imagination, entrepreneurial businesses that – albeit small, have sprung up in this sprawling community. My business is one of them! Please let me tell me you more… 

MC Lizo Majola - ProteamSA
Langa Township Tour - The Langa Story

" It all started in an airport in America... "

It all started at an airport in America, during a Leadership Scholarship I had won. I over heard a conversation about what dangerous places South African Townships were. I couldn’t bear this view of my beloved country from a South African lady. I strongly disagreed with her views. I intervened. Explaining to her what Township life was like. Had she ever visited one? Had she ever spoken to any people who lived in one? She lived in smart  Newlands, a suburb of Cape Town and said that she would never go into a Township. No wonder I disagreed with her.

I then thought it was about time people got to find out, first hand, about Township life, and the effects of the old Apartheid regime, that encouraged her view, that Townships were not somewhere white people should care about, let alone actually visit. I knew then, in a flash, that I had to do my bit, however small to change this perception of black people and the Townships where they live. And so, I began my Tour business. which, after a lot of hard work, you are now reading about on this website.

Join me, and you’ll discover just how wrong the lady I met was! 

Thank you for visiting my site.



ProteamSA offers you the most authentic experiences, from Langa township,
to Robben Island, and everything in between! Find out how the REAL Cape Town comes alive
when you are guided by the right local.

Robben Island
Half Day Experience

During Apartheid, Robben Island served as a prison for political activists including Nelson Mandela. Meet some of the ex-political Prisoners and More...

Breathtaking Cape Point And Peninsular

Inhale the magnificent views of the beautiful Cape Town. In this full-day experience. Gain understanding and appreciation of the South African History on this Full Day Tour. More...

Educational School Tours - Langa Township

Walking Educational School Tour

Visit South Africa's Oldest Township! Students will experience an entirely new perspective of life in current day South Africa, as well as life in Apartheid South Africa. See life from an entirely different perspective. MORE...

South African History and Heritage

This Full day experience will take you on a path of historic attractions, which were impacted by the Apartheid law, including District Six, Robben Island and South Africa’s oldest Township. MORE...

Corporate Team Building Township Experience

Team Building Orientation Process

A half-day team building experience that will get your team understanding how each team member operates under pressure. A valuble bonding experience in an Authentic setting right here in Cape Town. Find out MORE...

Sunday Gospel Church Township Tour

Your opportunity to worship with the locals in South Africa's oldest Township. Learn the history and experience the culture, as we end the day with a traditional braai (barbecue with local in a local butchery). Find out MORE...

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The Meaningful Township Experience

This Experience gives you the opportunity to learn more about the scares of Apartheid. You will be given an opportunity to do something meaningful. More...

Table Mountain Tours Image - ProteamSA

Cableway and Table Mountain Tour

Whether covered in a blanket of moody clouds or showing off against a crisp cloudless blue sky, this mountain has attracted more than 25-million visitors! More...

The Big 5 Langa Walking Tour

This historic and cultural experience will give you an opportunity to look at South Africa from a different perspective.  See the realities of SA and witness how effective apartheid really was. More...

" Unforgettable, Authentic experiences"

We walked through Langa and experienced the profound hardships, enduring hope, and a deep sense of community that define South African townships. We learned about MC’s childhood and his love for Langa. At the same time, MC took such interest in us. By the time the tour was done, MC felt like an old friend. One tour with MC was not enough.

Authentic, Real, Local Tours

From Robben Island, to everything in between!  ProteamSA specialise in Authentic Local and historical Tours of Cape Town and the Oldest Township in South Africa. School and Corporate Team Building Tours are available. Choose from one of our tours below, or contact us should you wish to tailor a Specific Tour.  Check out of TripAdvisor Rave Reviews

Real Reviews

MC is open, engaging, and knowledgeable. I took a Langa township tour with MC ... The tour was fantastic and gave me a greater understanding of what it means to live in a township. One tour with MC was not enough.
My 2nd Township Tour with MC and it was as impressive, interesting and amazing as the first . MC is such a personality. This tour really helps to understand the current social situation in SA and it is something you shouldn't miss as a tourist!!!

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